Saturday, May 19, 2012

History of Tanks II

Utmost Intimidation: The Power to Terrify - First World War Tanks
In the first part of this series we saw some strangely-shaped armored vehicles from the first idea of a tank to real-world pre-WW1 war machines. The 1900s were perhaps the most fascinating period in tank history as nothing on the engineering side was "cast in stone" yet and the resulting shapes were wildly unpredictable. It was a time of experimentation, shifting ideas and a constant flow of prototypes. Now we come to the point in history when all this frightening potential had to become a sinister reality and a race to the top "number of casualties" from a particular machine...

History of Tanks I

From Early Tank Ideas to Enormous Pre-WW1 Steam Tanks

Cataloguing the machines of destruction may seem like a thankless job (when you think about how much pain and misery they brought to mankind), but the sheer ingenuity of military engineering is certainly fascinating. It's that "anything-goes, testing be damned, let's quickly put it into production" attitude that leads to frenzied arms races, as well as technology breakthroughs. This is how we ended up with laser-tanks, spherical bomb-tanks and nightmarish land dreadnoughts, in the short period of the last hundred years or so - all conceived and built by super-powers in the name of winning righteous wars (any war, it may be argued, can be considered "righteous" by their participants, if they absorb enough propaganda and ideology).

Burung Anqa & Burung Mitologi Lainnya

Postingan ini mengenai beberapa burung yang ada dalam mitologi. Salah satunya adalah burung Anqa, sebuah mitos yang dikaitkan dengan sejarah kaum Rass ...

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