Sunday, July 10, 2011


Kata Heart sering disalah terjemahkan dengan Hati. Mungkin krn orang Indonesia hidup dengan hati dan perasaan, bukan dengan Jantung dan Otak... Wakakakaka ..

Tapi tidak hanya manusia yg memiliki Jantung .. Alam pun banyak ditemukan bentuk2 gambar Jantung atau dikenal ... LOPE-LOPE .

Here is a selection of images showing nature has a heart too! A coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Gutierrez Lake, Patagonia, Argentina

Australia's Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is famous in its own right, but Mother Nature signed her bigger work with this heart-shaped impression, hollowed out in the enormous edifice.

Hot love hazard! Heart-shaped hole surrounded by warning cones, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

  Sandbank shaped like a heart in New Zealand.

Glaslyn Lake in the mountains of North Wales

Near Adana, Turkey

Galesnjak, Croatia
This first heart-shaped landmass became quite famous when it was brought to public attention courtesy of Google Earth a couple of years back. Known variously as the Island of Love or Lover's

New Caledonia
The Coeur de Voh in New Caledonia

Heart-shaped Tupai Island in French Polynesia

Heart-shaped Island in the mangrove delta of the Vaza-Barris River in Brazil.

Heart-shaped garden in Waltrop, Germany

Heart-shaped resevoir in Schoenberg, Germany

A heart-shaped Sandbank in the bed of the Loire river in Saint Florent Le Vieil in Nantes, France

Heart-shaped Island in Walchensee, Germany

Heart-shaped meadow in Trittau, Germany

Heart-shaped Lichens (Crustose), Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary,

Mulvey Lake in British Columbia

Heart Lake in the Juniku Mountains, Kosovo Alps

A heart-shaped lake in Austrian Alps

Heart-shaped Salina (Salina do Coração)

In Tibet, next to the 16,404 ft (5,000 m) Zhuo Yong Mountain is a heart-shaped lake called Zhuo Yong Cuo

The Gaislacher See, Austria, below Gaislachkogel which is 10,026 ft (3056m). The photographer said, “Didn’t make it into the water in the end, as upcoming clouds and wind prevented a bath at sub-10 °C (14° F) water temperature.”

Mostly forested heart-shaped island as seen flying over the Orinoco river in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela

Makepeace Island is a private island on the Noosa River in Queensland, Australia

Salam Perdamaian dan Cinta Kasih


Lope-Lope di Alam dan Matematika

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