Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unique Basalt Formations on Kunashir Island

Kunashir Island (Russian: Кунаши́р; Japanese: 国後島, Kunashiri-tō; Ainu: クナシㇼ or クナシㇽ, Kunasir), possibly meaning Black Island or Grass Island in Ainu, is the southernmost island of the Kuril Islands, which are controlled by Russia and claimed by Japan.

Kunashir is formed by four volcanoes which were separate islands but have since joined together by low-lying areas with lakes and hot springs. All these volcanoes are still active: Tyatya (1,819 m), Smirnov, Mendeleev (Rausu-yama), and Golovnin (Tomari-yama)

Kunashir Island are really mysterious and very interesting location. No matter if we observe them from an aspect of geologists who claim that this is just another wonder of nature or from an aspect of some archaeologists who are convinced that those are megastructures made by human’s hand, we have to admit that there is something wonderful in Kunashir Island.

Most of traditional geologists believe that those structures are probably consequence of lava eruption but there is a number of archaeologists who claim that those structures are made out of stone by hands of ancient humans.

It is very hard to believe that those giant structures are made by human but that is what makes them more interesting because it is also hard to believe that they’re pure product of nature and their shapes are telling us that human’s hand might took a part in construction of those impressive structures.


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